Precision Die Cutting

Precision die cutting is a process of converting sheets or rolls of non-metallic materials into custom gaskets and other die cut parts with speed, uniformity, and accuracy. Plus, it’s cost-effective over a wide range of part sizes and quantities.

Advantages of Precision Die Cutting

Precision die cutting is fast, consistent, and cost-effective for parts that range from miniature washers to large gaskets. Non-metallic materials are continuously fed into die cutting equipment, and parts with tight tolerances are continually output. These die cut parts have a high degree of uniformity, even across higher volumes. Part features such as punched holes with specific radii, are readily achievable in production runs that range from dozens to millions of parts. Interstate can also combine precision die cutting with specialized handling and conversion capabilities, including the application of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) for peel-and-stick parts.

Die Selection and Precision Die Cutting

Precision die cutting techniques vary, but include the following components:

  • the die, a specialized metal tool for cutting or punching
  • the gasket material, such as a plastic, elastomer, film, or membrane
  • the die cutting machine, which is also known as a press
  • CNC controlled equipment, which can support advanced design software