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Die Cutting

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MCL Industries, INC. Material Converting Services


Die cut green material with the center cut out


Our rotary die cutting services provide our customers with high volume, tight tolerance production of parts from flexible materials. We made significant investment in our rotary cutting equipment, most notably in our purchase of a Sysco Servo press, with upper and lower servomotor-controlled unwinds/rewinds on a rail system. This equipment manufactures complex parts that can include multiple precision processes. The parts may be composites of adhesives, materials with functional top coatings and special properties, such as electrical insulation, conductivity, fire or smoke ratings, or RF shielding. In addition the press utilizes CCD cameras to facilitate precise registration and island placement, allowing these processes to flow seamlessly with extremely tight tolerances. We are the first provider in the U.S. with this machine, making MCL the best choice for high volume, high precision rotary press operations.

Our flat bed die cutting capabilities serve customers who need efficient and cost-effective parts cut from rolls or sheets. Flat bed die cutting is versatile, cutting both rigid and flexible materials and generally materials thicker than can be cut on a rotary press. We are capable of die cutting or kiss cutting rolls up to 59” wide. MCL produces flat bed dies in-house, reducing production time and costs.

Laser cutter being used to create squares and rectangle cuts into a piece of paper

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a versatile process that provides a high level of precision and maximal material utilization. This converting process does not require dies; however, it does require programming by incorporating CAD drawings. It is versatile and well suited for protypes, proof of concept or design, and very small complex shapes. In many cases, with a DXF drawing and stock materials, MCL can provide prototypes or samples of finished parts with your price quotation. Laser technology is another example of MCL’s well rounded capabilities, and we look forward to working with you.

Tan piece of material getting laminated


Lamination is a critical process that is the foundation for most, if not all, of our downstream processes and involves combining dissimilar substrates into completed assemblies. Through lamination, we can produce complex parts that may combine characteristics that may include electrical conductivity, thermal stability, static control, barrier properties, and many others. We offer continuous single and multi-layer lamination.

Assembly, kitting, and fulfillment compliment our critical core capabilities. Market segments benefitting from these services include: defense, aviation, communications, and biometrics. These services consolidate and simplify our customers’ manufacturing and distribution processes. Many of our customers use MCL to manufacture multiple parts that we can assemble into a market ready kit.

MCL's precision cutting and value added services

Precision Converting

Through the processes listed above, MCL converts flexible materials into custom parts for electronic equipment, industrial applications, aerospace, automotive, defense, medical, biometrics, communications, and personal care products. MCL Industries project managers and engineers develop efficient manufacturing processes and assembly solutions using innovative materials from 3M, Avery Dennison, Dupont, MacTac, Nitto, Pregis Polymask, Rogers, Sekisui, and Toray, along with custom coated materials suppliers. We are a Select 3M converter and are also an authorized converter for many other manufacturers. These relationships enable us to supply a diverse range of materials, specified by our customers, and demonstrate our reputation as an industry leader in precision material converting services.