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Specialty Lamination, Assembly, and Fulfillment Services

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MCL Industries Inc. is a leader in specialty lamination services as part of our comprehensive material converting operation. We provide our customers with lamination services ranging from single-layer to continuous multi-layer. We can manufacture products with up to eight layers of lamination with complex processes such as registration, island placement, among others. As ISO 9001:2015 certified by NQA for over 15 years, our customers have confidence that our process can deliver their parts with the highest quality. We serve a wide range of industries including medical, aerospace, automotive, biometrics, and many others. Our work in these diverse industries enables us to serve any customer requiring complex parts, at low or high volume, to exact specifications.

Clean Room Lamination Services

MCL’s specialty lamination services can take place in a Class 8 clean room for customers needing those capabilities. Products requiring clean room lamination and converting often include highly sensitive electronics or medical devices. We can manufacture these products on various presses that are in fixed cleanrooms, or we can construct a cleanroom around a machine for specific needs.


Continuous Multi-Layer Lamination

Our capabilities include continuous multi-layer lamination services for complex material converting projects. We have served customers requiring up to 8 layers of lamination, combining a range of materials with differing properties. If your project requires even more layers of lamination, our experienced team can more than likely find a solution. We can perform multi-stage processes simultaneously, and these functions may include registration, island placement, cutting, slitting and more. As a company that prides itself on problem solving, we look forward to designing a process that delivers the final part with precision and efficiency, no matter how complex.


Materials and Brands We Laminate

We are experienced in working with many different material types and brands. MCL partners with major manufacturers including 3M, Avery Dennison, Dupont, MacTac, Pregis Polymask, Rogers, Sekisui, and Toray in order to match materials with our customers’ applications’ requirements. In addition to these manufacturers, we have partners capable of producing custom raw materials for specialized applications.

Our experience with this wide array of materials gives us the ability to manufacture your products from material specified in designs or to share available options for your project. Many of the products we laminate combine layers of material such as plastics, foils, foams, and rubber with an adhesive. These products are utilized in nearly every imaginable application and function in extremes of temperature, pressure, or performance.

Lamination machine using tan woven material

Converted Material Part Assembly & Custom Order Fulfillment

MCL offers assembly and fulfillment services to complete our manufacturing process. Many of our customers rely on the MCL team to run parts on multiple machines, assemble components and/or kit, and provide fulfillment services directly to their market. This process begins as early as the prototyping stage or may be added as a project evolves. In addition, we provide value-added services such as customized inspection, labeling, inkjet printing, boxing, and bagging. We regularly provide assembly and fulfillment services for communications and biometrics products, medical devices, gaskets, and many others. With our complete material converting and value added services, MCL is equipped to manufacture a market-ready laminated, cut, and assembled product to suit your needs.

Die cut green material with the center cut out

Material Converting Services

In addition to single and multi-layer lamination, MCL offers a full complement of material converting services including rotary and flat bed die cutting, laser cutting, ultrasonic welding, and plotter cutting. We operate two facilities, giving our customers a wide range of machinery and expertise that can take them from prototype to large-scale production. At MCL we look forward to speaking with potential customers at any stage of a material converting project.

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