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Clean Room Die Cutting – Learn Our Process and Capabilities

Clean room die cut parts

What is Clean Room Die Cutting? 

Clean room die cutting is a process in which flexible materials are converted into finished products in an environment with a high level of control over particulates, temperature, humidity, and other factors.  Products made through clean room die cutting are often used in applications such as:

  • Biometric screens and films
  • Sensitive electronic equipment
  • Medical devices
  • High performance aerospace applications
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Automotive and Electric Vehicles
  • Battery components

What Are The Levels and Control Measures of Clean Rooms? 

Clean room die cutting
Depending on the applications and OEM requirements, nine levels of cleanrooms are defined by ISO- 14644-1 .  A Class 1 clean room has the most stringent control, and level 9 the least.  To achieve clean room status, some of the common controls include: 

  • HEPA filtration
  • Number of personnel working in the space
  • Clothing and hygiene requirements including lab coats 
  • Static control
  • Air Changes per Hour (ACH)
  • Air pressure
  • Lighting
  • Noise
  • Temperature and humidity

MCL’s Clean Room Die Cutting Capabilities

MCL Industries most commonly offers Class 8 clean room die cutting; however, we can achieve higher clean room levels as the job requires. In addition to our fixed clean room which houses our Sysco servo press, we have moveable units that can be placed around specialized die cutting equipment.  When required, we set up the clean room, thoroughly clean the equipment and area, and monitor particulate concentration throughout the manufacturing process. We manufacture parts with environmental cleanliness requirements as stringent as 100 particles/cubic meter. We take a consultative approach and would be happy to discuss the cleanliness requirements of your project and make recommendations on process or materials.  

What Sets Us Apart

Our differentiators are the speed, precision, and volume of die cut parts we can achieve in a clean room environment, as well as our engineering  for manufacturability knowledge.  MCL Industries offers high speed precision clean room die cutting on a Sysco Servo Press.  We are one of only a few material converters in the country with this equipment.  The servo press is capable of manufacturing complex components and performing multiple processes in a single pass. These processes may include registration/reregistration, cutting, multi-layer laminating, and more. The press’s CCD cameras and web tension controls maintain die-to-die registration for the tightest tolerances in the industry. In addition to our exceptional equipment, we have an engineering team with decades of material converting experience. Our team’s experience regularly saves cost and time for our customers through our advanced understanding of material and adhesive manufacturability characteristics. 

Our Experience and Capabilities

A precision die cut part processed in a clean room Our customers appreciate that we are adaptable, which means not only that we are flexible in the cleanroom level used for your needs but also that we can provide clean environment enclosures around any one of our processes in the plant. In addition, with our robust engineering team, we can make design for manufacturability recommendations, and modify processes and machinery to reduce cost and increase efficiency.  We provide precise converting for unique projects like laminating a clear film used in an optical waveguide. This highly sensitive optical equipment required a zero particle environment, as any particulate matter between the laminated layers would distort the image.  Another exceptionally sensitive instrument – a strain gauge – required a glass tissue paper component, and any stray particles would induce a faulty reading.  Our team set up a Class 8 clean room on one of our rotary presses, meticulously cleaned the machine and area, and was able to manufacture a superior component that exceeded the customers expectations. We excel in cleanroom material conversion, die cutting, and lamination, especially when the project has complexity and requires our problem solving skills.  We routinely help customers choose an ideal adhesive or material that will enhance the performance of their product, reduce cost, or save time.  We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your next cleanroom die cutting project.  Start the Conversation