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COVID-19 Alert

We are proud of being recognized by key customers and the State of Georgia for the role MCL plays in the essential infrastructure of our country. Not only did we stay the course during these trying times, we met the challenge, investing in more equipment and personnel to insure that we continue to be one of the top custom converter of specialty materials from industry leaders.

Our employees are the foundation of our company!  In order to keep them safe and healthy we’ve applied guidelines from the CDC, government & public health professionals.  We have supplied our Team with vital virus protection, ample disinfecting products and asked our Team to remain home if they have a fever or cough.

In 1990, MCL Industries, Inc. originated as a start-up company that began with a single order to produce an individual part for an international electronics manufacturer.

MCL Industries, has since grown to 45 employees, and 2020 marks our 30th year in business! We own 2 manufacturing facilities with year-round climate control; a 32,000 square-foot with in-house Class 100 clean room and a 44,000 square-foot with Clean Room Class 7. We operate 38 pieces of manufacturing and are growing every year. We are RoHS compliant and an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.