ISO 9001:2015 Certified by NQA
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A Materials Converter Certified with ISO 9001:2015 Precision Converting with Die Cutting, Laser Cutting, Lamination, & Assembly Capabilities

NQA ISO 9001 Quality Management

At MCL Industries, Inc., quality management is a process of continuous improvement, which is annually audited and certified as being in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards. Active memberships in the International Association of Diecutting and Diemaking, the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance, and the Gasket Fabricators Association connect us with customers who value an ISO certified specialty converter of flexible materials. Our certificate, ISO 9001:2015 certified by NQA, and trade memberships are a part of our continuous improvement. MCL’s company culture and leadership drive us to be an industry leading, customer-oriented business.

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Offering Servo Driven Press Technology and ISO Class 8 Cleanrooms

MCL invests in advanced processing equipment, a team of engineers, operators, and inspectors to ensure our parts consistently meet or exceed customers’ expectations. Finishing and assembly services where applicable, provide a turnkey end product. For over 30 years, MCL strategically adds to our extensive inventory of machinery to match our business plan, positioning us to supply prototypes to high volume. The Sysco press is our latest machinery advancement, and MCL is the first contract manufacturer in the United States with this technology. This press is servo driven, enabling our production team to create complex, multi-layer components with very tight tolerances in a single pass. The Sysco press utilizes CCD cameras to facilitate precise registration and island placement, making it ideal for producing custom adhesive patterns for such applications as electrical insulators, gaskets, and beyond. For customers requiring parts produced in a clean environment up to and including ISO class 8 standards, this press is located in its own room with separate environmental controls.

Why Should You Choose an ISO 9001 Certified Company who Specializes in Materials Converting?

Our certification ensures our customers receive the highest level of quality from order-to-order. MCL has maintained its certification for 15 years. This certification demonstrates that we remain consistent with not only your standards but industry standards as well. MCL’s internal quality management system is the compass which guides our team to achieve exact specifications for our customers.

How Do Customers Benefit From a Quality Management System?

While MCL utilizes our QMS to coordinate and direct our operations, our customers are the beneficiaries. By ensuring we consistently meet both customer and regulatory requirements, we improve efficiency and lower costs. With a QMS, we reduce waste, prevent mistakes, and ultimately, save our customers time and money.

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