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Industry Leading Rotary & Flatbed Die Cutting Company

MCL Industries Inc. is a one of the U.S’s leading die cutting companies and is a material converter specializing in rotary die cutting services and flat bed die cutting services. We can accommodate die cutting projects that range from prototypes to high volume production that may reach millions of parts monthly or annually. We provide a range of additional services including laser cutting, plotter cutting, clean room converting, ultrasonic welding, lamination, assembly, and fulfillment, making us an ideal choice for turnkey manufacturing. Our rotary die cutting services stand head and shoulders above the competition with our ability to engineer, design, problem solve, and state of the art servo rotary press equipment. Below are a number of reasons our customers choose to work with us:

  • We are ISO 9001:2015 certified by NQA and have maintained our ISO certification for 15 years.
  • We demonstrate our commitment to quality with each order.
  • We provide on-time delivery of die cut parts.
  • We have process flexibility and diverse machinery and capabilities.
  • We have built an experienced team to guide you through available options and manage your project.
  • MCL is trusted rotary die cutting services provider for Fortune 500 companies and international market leaders.

Rotary Die Cutting Company Specialized in Plastic Films, Foams, Non-wovens, & other Materials

Our precision rotary die cutting services provide our customers with high volume, tight tolerance production of parts from flexible materials such as polyimide and PEEK, foams, non-wovens, and foils. We made significant investment in our rotary die cutting equipment, most notably in our purchase of a Sysco Servo press, with upper and lower servomotor-controlled unwinds/rewinds on a rail system. This equipment manufactures complex parts that can include multiple precision processes. The parts may be composites of adhesives, materials with functional top coatings and special properties, such as electrical insulation, conductivity, fire or smoke ratings, or RF shielding. In addition the press utilizes CCD cameras to facilitate precise registration and island placement, allowing these processes to flow seamlessly with extremely tight tolerances. We are on of the first die cutting companies in the U.S. with this machine, making MCL the best choice for high volume, high precision rotary press operations. Additionally, as ISO 9001:2015 certified by NQA, our customers know they can depend on delivery of a quality product. A few additional items to note about our rotary die cutting capabilities include:

  • We are capable of die cutting or kiss cutting rolls up to 13” wide
  • We can combine multiple layers of lamination
  • We have state-of-the-art cutting capabilities using machines with up to 10 die cutting stations
  • We have Class 8 cleanrooms available for rotary die cutting projects
Die Cutting Company with Large volume die cutting machine
Die cutting company manufacturing Kiss cut materials

Flat Bed Die Cutting Services for Plastic, Rubber & Foam

Our flat bed die cutting services assist customers who need efficient and cost-effective parts cut from rolls or sheets. Flat bed die cutting is versatile, cutting both rigid and flexible materials and generally materials thicker than can be cut on a rotary press. We are capable of die cutting or kiss cutting wide rolls or sheets. MCL produces flat bed dies in-house, reducing production time and costs.

  • We are capable of die cutting or kiss cutting rolls up to 59” wide
  • We have narrow and wide-web die cutting capabilities
  • Flat bed die cutting is ideal for individual parts, with or without an adhesive.
Flatbed die cutting machine being used on green colored material

A Material Converting Solution Provider

At MCL Industries Inc. we pride ourselves on giving our customers the flatbed and rotary die cutting solutions that reduce costs, deliver on specifications, and allow them to consolidate vendors through our turnkey operation. This operation includes any or all of our production processes – die cutting, lamination, laser cutting, plotter cutting, and ultrasonic welding – and services including prototyping, assembly, and fulfillment. For any prospective customer that needs a lamination, material converting and die cutting company the can trust, we look forward to speaking with you and determining the right processes for your project.

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