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Plastic Laser Cutting Services or Fishpaper / Specialty, and Foam

MCL Industries Inc. is an industry leading material converter that uses precision plastic laser cutting services to manufacture finished products, gaskets, filters, shock absorbers, insulators, labels, and many more. We also laser cut fishpaper, foam, and a range of other materials. We serve customers in a wide range of industries including medical, military, aerospace, biometric, and automotive. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified by NQA and have maintained our certification for 15 years, giving our customers confidence in our quality and professionalism. Our laser cutting capabilities include:

  • Systems software support through Autocad or Corell Draw
  • Achieving tolerances that meet or exceed industry standards
  • The ability to cut parts as small as 3 mm
  • Laser cut plastic parts with tolerances less than a mil
  • Multiple laser systems that allow us to match process settings and conditions for a wide range of mono-layered products as well as multi-layered laminations
  • Delivering parts individually or in an array on carrier materials
  • Making prototypes that can be delivered in as little as 1-2 days
cutting machine carving patterns on the steel plate

Applications of Laser Cut Plastic, Foam and Fishpaper Part Manufacturing

Laser cutting is a versatile process that provides a high level of precision and maximal material utilization for plastics – including Mylar, Formex and Kapton, foam, fish paper, adhesives, and tapes. This converting process does not require dies; however, it does require programming by incorporating CAD drawings. It is versatile and well suited for protypes, proof of concept or design, and very small complex shapes. In many cases, with a DXF drawing and stock materials, MCL can provide prototypes or samples of finished parts with your price quotation. Laser technology is another example of MCL’s well rounded capabilities, and we look forward to working with you.

Plastic laser cutting services are used for projects that have regular specification design changes, or tolerances which might only be achieved with a costly matched metal die set. We can provide laser cutting for full production runs or samples.

Laser Cutting as Part of Our Comprehensive Material Converting Capabilities.

Our laser cutting services for plastics, fishpaper, and foam, are part of MCL’s comprehensive material converting offerings. These services range from rotary and flat bed die cutting, to lamination and ultrasonic welding. Our wide range of offerings enables us to give our customers the solution they need to cut cost and increase efficiency. We customize production for each customer, and we have customers that utilize our die cutting, laser cutting, and other services simultaneously. We are solution providers, and our experienced team is equipped to determine the best process for their application.

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